Social Media And Negative Effects On Youth

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Similar to the study demonstrated by Wilcox and Stephen, Murat Korkmaz, Nurhayat Celebi, and Ali Serdar Yucel experimented on how social networking effects today’s youth ranging from high school to college students. There were 894 individuals observed in total within an eight month period. Specific groups were instructed to complete a survey consisting of eighty questions. The survey had two separate sections. The first section included questions towards the use of social networks on a scale with five options ranging from like to dislike. The second half included multiple-choice questions. After each participant completed the survey, the results concluded that social networks indeed have a negative effect on the youth. Their results show that social media can affect values and morals and users can eventually form psychological disorders. These sites influence individual users to display unethical behavioral patterns such as cyber bullying, cheating on significant other, and several other unacceptable actions. Cyber bullying can lead to blackmail and explicit pictures being published on these networks. It is because of these issues that the family concept needs to be resurfaced. “It is stated that around 93% of married participants used social networks and even made comments under the clips published by many …show more content…
I found their results to be as I expected though. They found that social media can cause abnormal behaviors among teens and can cause rocky situations between spouses. I have personally seen these happen in my daily life. I have encountered cyber bullying and how it affects people. I know a girl who actually committed suicide due to individuals bullying her on the internet. I believe that these studies can be very helpful with the prevention of these issues because they raise

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