The Negative Effects Of Social Media And Technology

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Over the recent years, technology has advanced rapidly and is now a major part of a majority of American’s lives more than ever before. A lot has changed in ten years. Ten years ago, there were no iPhones and most people carried flip phones, Facebook became more popular than MySpace and DVR and Bluetooth were fairly new inventions. People were fascinated by all of this new technology. And we will continue to be fascinated as technology advances. These technologies have led to our advancement as a society today and will continue to make it easier to live our lives more efficiently. While this mostly helps improve our society today, it also can have a negative effect and cause harm to our society when we stop communicating with each other face to face, and instead, keep our heads in our smartphones and other …show more content…
We become less productive because we start to become addicted to our phones and electronics. When we are less productive, we start falling behind and not getting what we need to get done. When we do not get done what needs to be accomplished, we then feel stressed and then sometimes depressed when we fail. While social media can hinder our performance and productivity, it can also boost it if it is used effectively. Social media and technology and increase productivity at work by bringing people from similar fields together to network and increase opportunities in the workforce. Social media and technology can also have a positive effect on students’ productivity. When students have access to the Internet and social media, they can find help and insight to almost anything. While this is positive in the way that you can learn almost anything on the Internet, it can also have a negative effect on students when they decide to use the internet to cheat instead of using these technological tools only for the purpose of broadening their

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