Teens Affected By Using Social Media

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Should teens be on social media? How are teens affected by using social media anyway? Social media plays a major role in people's lives today positively and negatively. Social media are websites or applications that lets users participate in social networking. There are many social media websites used today for various reasons like meeting new people, staying in contact and sharing photos. Some are facebook, ,instagram, twitter, Gmail, Snapchat and Ask.fm. Did you know that 95 percent of teens use the internet and 81 percent of them use social media sites. Also nine out of ten 12 to 17 year olds have used some form of social media. When it comes to who uses social media more teens or adults it’s definitely teens. Thought 22 percent
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Is it really? Instead its effects in many terrible ways, because of social media. One serious issue is cyber bullying where teens bully through social media. In Fact its so serious that it leads to suicide. A girl named Megan Meier, age 13 committed suicide after a boy by the name of Josh bullied her saying the world would be a better place without her. Not just cyberbullying but also it raises depression rates. 18 percent say using social media makes them feel more depressed while 13 percent say it lesson there depression. Depression leads to physical and emotional problems like drug abuse. Also it Interferes with your sleep and ability to work. As you can see cyberbullying and depression are two ways teens social lives are affected and there are plenty …show more content…
One huge reason is that it interferes with their sleep. 39 percent of Americans are bringing their cellphones into the bedroom and using them immediately before trying to sleep. Also about 61 percent of Americans are using their computers or laptops regularly within hours of trying to go to sleep. This leads to loss of hours of sleep. They don’t just lose sleep because of that but also because of depression as i mentioned above. Another huge reason is that social media causes teens to procrastinate, distracting teens when it comes to work. 41 percent say they are addicted to their mobile devices. 15-17 year old internet users spend 19.9 hours a week online. A girl by the name of Arielle Kenny said as she scrolls down her news feed she sees friends not wanting to do an assignment and procrastinating. She says even when she has an assignment that requires her to use her computer she finds herself drawn to social media instead of doing the assignment. Isn’t all hw online now? Quinlan said that teens are expected to be able to access assignments at any time and do them as its all online

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