Social Media's Impact On Adolescents

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Constant connection online has caused social media to become an essential part of life for many adolescents around the world. Any site that includes social interaction is considered social media and the advent growth in global connection has detrimental effects on the social development of children and teenagers depending on the extent of their use, any predispositions to be harmed specific circumstances that occur online.
Nowadays social media can play a huge role in many teenagers’ lives. Their social statuses are determined by the amount of ‘Likes’ they get on Instagram or how many Facebook friends they have. This has caused many teenagers to take extreme measures such as uploading an inappropriate or ‘Rule breaking’ pictures in order to improve their social status. A study on
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There are many learning opportunities made available through social media, students can interact with one another to share information that they may not have been able to share if it wasn’t for enhanced technology. Some schools use blogs as a portal to share information and it works effectively . This increases one’s ability to interact in group settings. Teenagers and children are able to learn how to successfully interact and communicate, as users can share pictures and messages with friends and family, and making new friends online thus improving social skills. There are opportunities to be involved in the community through charity engagement, through blogs and other social platforms teenagers are able to develop a unique persona and develop through expressing themselves online. The formation of connections online also has positive effects as one could be able to share and speak personally to other people online easily rather than in person due to anxiety issues, although this isn’t always positive it may form a safe place for children to develop emotionally without being

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