Social Media Affecting Teenagers

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Ever since the social media has become the biggest hit in the United States, people are more ingrained into their phones and pretty much obsessed with social apps such as Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more. What’s so special about these apps? They not only help us connect with our friends and family instantly, but they also allow you to share pictures, posts, and videos about your life online. These applications are very entertaining, but takes away time for other activities. The group who seem to be mostly affected by the social media are teenagers. These young adults seem to be even more into their phones each day, and it is already becoming a problem. The social media has been affecting teenagers because it can complicate relationships …show more content…
As we grow older, though, we start to lose empathy for others, and become to be self-centered and more narcissist. It has become a fact that young adults have started to care less about others, since research by psychologist Jean M. Twenge from San Diego State University has revealed that students’ empathy has started to decline in the last ten years, and at the same time, narcissism has increased. The amount of narcissism that teenagers have on social media is huge, because all they do is post selfies, what they think and what they do, which makes them believe that they will become more interesting. The social media has made teengagers care more about what they do in their social life rather than interact with the world. (Fileta). This is true, since most of the teenagers post about what they eat, how they feel in the moment, and their ootd (outfit of the day). This self centeredness that teenagers create becomes a problem since they don’t take their time to look out, ask questions and consider others. In a newscast from The National, a researcher asked teenagers what their values were and what they considered important. It stated that teenagers from older generations wanted to be part of the crowd and reach within their community. On the other hand, teenagers from today considered financial success and fame to be more important. (How Social Media …show more content…
Even though we cannot prevent these effects on teenagers, there are ways to navigate through social media in a healthy way. When it comes to relationships with a partner, friends, or family, the best way to express your feelings is by telling them in person, not through text. It will not only make you feel better, but the significant other will feel more loyalty and honesty from your part, and the relationship will get stronger.(Dr. Rachna Jain). A way to prevent cyber attacks either by bullies or cyber predators is by being more careful on what a person posts, and to make the social media account private, making it accessible only to friends. It is hard not to feel depressed when a friend posts a picture having fun, but a way to reduce those feelings is to get out of the social app, relax, and maybe do an activity where it can distract you. The best way to stop feeling envy and depression from people’s posts is to mostly log off and talk to someone from your offline life. In addition, teenagers need to stop, or at least control, comparing themselves to others, it just won’t help with reducing the envy and depression. We are all unique and special in our own ways, so we don’t have to mock others to feel

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