Social Media And Its Effects On Social And Political Issues Essay

1286 Words Sep 14th, 2016 6 Pages
With the spread of social media as a of type mass media, allowing anyone to view or react to different political or social information is easier than ever. With the use of just one hashtag, it is easy for information to be spread from one person to thousands or potentially millions of others based on the size of their following base. Hashtagging a tweet or any photo links it together will all of the other posts that use the same hashtag, this grouping together allows for the rapid spread of information between millions of users all in a matter of minutes. The hashtag is used as a tool for commentary on social and political issues occurring all around the world everyday. Hashtag politics has drastically increased the amount of people that can partake in mass media by allowing the audience to actively participate with other members of the audience and media outlets, sparking all sorts of conversations regarding political and social issues. Most of the time, these audiences use these outlets as a source of political empowerment; but this new way of political expression begun to wrongfully replace the political activism that has shaped our nation. It is important to understand the key role that social media as a type of mass media, media that reaches large numbers of people, (Croteau,8) plays in informing the younger generation of political news and ideologies. When using social mediums the average teen is no longer just a part of the audience they are now a user of the…

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