Essay on Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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We can all agree that social media has revolutionized the internet and technology. There are hundreds of social media sites and app’s for your phone that change how you interact with the world. Social media puts all of the information we would ever need to know right in the palm of your hand. Whether it is world news about natural disasters in foreign countries, local news about a town hall verdict or your second cousin from Oregon who posted a picture of him eating a bowl of cereal. We all use social media to achieve different goals, but the main idea behind it is to connect everyone together. If you break down the words social media it translates like this, “Social” meaning society or the public and “Media” meaning the main means of mass communication. When you put it together is means, all of the public/society communicating on a large or mass scale. However, communicating on such a large scale could either be a good thing or a bad thing. For instance, social media can have its share of negative aspects. For example, Facebook is one of the top social media sites today. With more than 1.49 billion users, Facebook dominates all other social media site of 2015. However, this could be a bad thing according to BBC’s article,” Facebook use 'makes people feel worse about themselves’.” This article talks about a study that was given to Facebook users to prove that Facebook can have a negative psychological repercussion. According to BBC’s article they stated that, “In…

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