Facebook Is Most Important Social Tool By Justin Mullins Analysis

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Do you know that Facebook is one of the most popular website and used social Network over all the world?. Facebook have a lot of many Entertainment News, games and also celebrity news, and from the websites Facebook increase daily. Many of
Marketing students says “Facebook Is Most Important Social Tool “and this mean that
Facebook is very important. From the article of Justin Mullins “can Facebook make you
Sad?” the main idea of this article that Facebook makes you unhappy and sad and
Facebook effects on its users may not be entirely benign. Justin Mullins in his article tried to connivance the audience by using evidence that Facebook is a negative website.
The main idea of the author that Facebook make you sad ?, but the author have
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And also the story of the boy “Amolak singh” and his story and this boy have 15 years old he is too young how author like Justin Mullins take a story from a boy have 15 years old and many boys in this age didn’t true in his stories.

The author has a lot of fallacies. Firstly , when the author said “Facebook make you sad” and this is appeal to emotions this is because which make the audience convincing with him that and he is smart because he makes this statement the head of the article that makes the reader get attention with this article. Another fallacy when Amolak singh said
“I am 15 years old, and yet I feel much older” this is false analogy that he is too young but he said that he feels much older to make the audience convincing with him

Finally, in the end, that the author have a lot of weak evidence , weak statement and also wrong fallacies. But in my opinion he works hard to make this article because he get a lot of evidence to connivance people who read this article. In my opinion Facebook is the most important website in the entire world and makes people communicate with

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