Social Media And How It Impacts Young Adult Relationships Essay

1373 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
The argument essay I composed was on social media and how it impacts young adult relationships. Social media itself does not impact a young adult relationship in a negative way. Young adult relationships are considered relationships in which the couples age ranges from 18 to 25. Social media has been a significant topic of discussion when relationships are involved. Social media is often looked upon as the poison to a relationship. I wrote my paper on this topic to show that social media itself is not the poison or “evil” in a relationship. The poison in the relationship is the partner that cannot control their actions and what they do on social media, aren’t faithful, do not want to be in their relationship, or merely do not respect their partner. The problem of social media in young adult relationships does not stem from social networks, it stems from the problems and the people involved in the relationship. The argument essay was effective, but could have been a lot more effective had I made better arguments backed up with additional information and sources. My arguments were decent, but could have been more convincing to my reader. The amount of sources and citations in my paper definitely impacted the effectiveness of my paper overall, in which I could have done a better job at and found more sources to utilize. More supporting sources could have taken my paper that extra mile to where I would have fully convinced my reader of my opinion rather than just have them…

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