Social Media Analysis Of Facebook

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Facebook has come a long way from the little social site launched to help us chat and flirt and cyber-stalk friends. It directs web traffic to a large portion of the internet, it also commands a huge share of mobile advertising. The article “Facebook Controls What News People Read. That’s A Problem” states that there was new research released on July 14, 2015 by the Pew Research Center with the Knight Foundation which suggested that the social network’s hold on how we find news is continuing to grow. Approximately 175 million people take the time to get on Facebook each day.
In a survey of 2,035 social media users, Pew found that 63 percent of Twitter users and 63 percent of Facebook users say they use their accounts to find and read articles.It’s
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In the year 2013, about 52 percent of Twitter users used it for news articles along with about 47 percent of Facebook users. In the year 2015 it increased to 63 percent for both Twitter and Facebook. That is a huge increase. Generally, Twitter is used more for news articles. Twitter in 2015 has a 59 percent of users and Facebook has 31 percent in just this year. This growth of people reading news articles is happening across different populations. People both under and over 35 are more likely to use Twitter to read news. On facebook more men and women say they get the news from the site itself. This study not only point out how numbers match the growing campaigns over the last year by both Twitter and Facebook. It also shows how it 's not just a filter for users to access journalism, but a source of news. Facebook’s trending sidebar, released in June 2015, shows a constantly updated feed of news articles. These news articles direct users to the most shared news content. these news articles are hosted by facebook now that news outlets like The New York Times, Buzzfeed and National Geographic publish articles directly to facebook …show more content…
Facebook, it seems, is only going to become a stronger dictator of what kind of information we read. This makes tools that give readers some kind of control, like Facebook’s News Feed update, which is even more important. What facebook should do is do surveys of if they should post news articles. Some people might not even like to read news articles. Even if there was an option to hide all news articles that would be great. I personally don’t like the news articles in my feed. I had no idea so many people prefered the news articles. This article caught me up to speed on that. So I feel that in the future, Facebook will be filled with mostly news articles. For all we know Facebook might be like Myspace now, abandoned for some other social media

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