Object Or Say Nothing At All Analysis

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Stephanie Gomez
Professor Michael Barnes
Sociology 100
3 October 2014
Object or Say Nothing At All
Most places serve customers on a first-come-first-served standard, some customers try to provide a justified reason for they have the right of way. Some people may cut in line whether they have fewer items to checkout or they do not have time to be waiting in a long line. Will people react differently to someone who cuts in line; will that person object or say nothing at all? During this social interaction experiment I will be using the ethnomethodology method. By cutting people in line I will break the common rule, which is to place yourself in line and wait until it is your turn. This observation of breaking a common norm approved by society
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Many times it can depend on the type of people or the location of when it is occurring. Looking back at the interactions that occurred at Wal-Mart, probably all customers might have objected to the fact that I was cutting in line but only the second scenario in which it happened was when people reacted. The difference was because the first time I was cutting people in line and I only had two items at the checkout. That may had led people to think it was unnecessary to make a huge commotion if it was just going to be a quick transaction. While the second time, I had my shopping cart completely full and cutting people in line. This caused people to object to the fact that they were going to be standing in line much longer than it was initially …show more content…
What may have caused different objections possibly could have been the setting it took place and the mood people are in. If people are typically at a grocery store they most likely will not be in such a joyful mood as those who are free of stress enjoying quality time with their family.
This experiment brought out the importance of the role that us as a society believe it is most appropriate to wait patiently in line instead of being disrespectful to others. Before this experiment took place, I could had already imagined the reactions of those people who had some questioning for the confusion caused as for why I felt I had the right to cut people in line.
Yet there is no written law that states it is illegal to cut in line and that you must stand at the end of the line, but it is a norm within society. It is a typical standard enforced in public to establish order. Although in some places it is not necessary to follow certain rules. For example, as your boarding a bus there is no specific rule of who has the right of way first. It is rather much a choice you have to either stand in a line of people or

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