Social Factors That Affect Homeschooling Essays

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1.0 Problem introduction
This research proposal focuses on the social factors that influence homeschooling.the research approach used in this paper is qualitative research method.
1.1 Topic Basham (2012) home based education or home schooling is changing society image of education as it grows the scope and popularity in many nations. This non-traditional education is expanding at enormous rate in the united rates.basham (2001)during the last 20 years the general public familiarity with home schooling has evolved from a level of almost complete ignorance to one of widespread awareness The reason for choosing this topic is that it’s a popular topic among elementary field of study in the united states.
1.2 Problem statement
This research proposal aims to determine the Social factors that affect home schooling as compared to taking children to public or private school. Autumn burke (2014) states that home schooling has a number of problems in that kids that are in home schooling don’t get the chance to socialize with the fellow children and this possess great danger in their socialization in the future as adults, also children in home schooling does not provide the kids with the chance to interact with fellow public and private school goers activities such as sports which can be a great way to exercise and grow.
1.3 Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study is to investigate home schooling policies that are currently in place in the United States. The study will explore…

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