Social Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Moreover, getting pregnant at an early age may negatively affect the child either physically or emotionally. First, to reach a successful fetus’s physical development, it is important the mother meets with the necessary requirements such as good nutrition, correct prenatal care, and adequate medication. Providing the unborn with these important factors will help it to reach a prosperous development. Therefore, adolescence is not the best age to get pregnant because the teen’s body is not trained to provide an adequate development to the new being. Of course, it is possible for a teenager’s child to be born healthy and develop normally. However, the probabilities of risk are higher. For example, a teen is less likely to get proper nutrition; …show more content…
In sociology, society is defined as a set of people who interact and share a common culture. Based in this meaning, it can be said that what happens to one in the society will affect the rest. Therefore, teenage pregnancy becomes a social problem, because teens are a substantial part of society. Having a higher rate of pregnant teens will result in a higher rate of adolescents dropping out school due to the fact that they will not have time to attend. Consequently, society will get more uneducated, untrained, and unprofessional people rather than more people who contribute something to improve society. Additionally, being an uneducated person would harm the teen because it will be less probable to her be able to obtain a good job opportunity. As a result, she will experience financial problems and will tend to rely more on government assistance, harming the government’s economy. Also, a child of a teenager would lack the correct education and teaching of values. It would increase the probability of behavioral problems such as becoming problematic, violent, or even delinquents. Being disappointed with the kind of life the child may have lived or even being discriminated by society will increase a wicked behavior. As a result, the rate of people in jail or being prosecuted will increase affecting the well-being and security of society. For example, in the article “Adverse Effects” it is proved that, “Teen pregnancy

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