Social Control Essay

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Recently the New York Times published an article on forced sterilization on people who were deemed unfit to have children in North Carolina. Although, North Carolina isn’t the only state to have a Eugenics program, it is the first to apologize and offer compensation to the victims. North Carolina gave social workers the power to force sterilize seven thousand six hundred people between 1933 and 1977 based on IQ level and competency (NY Times). Most of the victims were children who were raped, abandoned or in mental institutions. The state was able to get permission by coercion from family members who were usually illiterate and didn’t understand the effects it would have on their children. North Carolina and the other
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It’s so sad to even think about how easy it was for them to pick and choose who got to have children and who didn’t. What is scares me is that I was born ten years after the last recorded forced sterilization in North Carolina had occurred. What else is scary is that this was going on in the U.S. and no one knew about it. It makes me wonder what else the government has done that we do not know about. But, what breaks my heart the most is the victims who have and will pass away without anyone to keep their memories alive. The government didn’t just take away their freedom to pro-create; they took away the memories they would have had with their loved ones. Who knows what kind of future they would have had if they were able to have children? They could have been the parent of someone who would find a cure for cancer, or HIV or they could have been the next president. It just doesn’t make sense to me that our government did the same think that Hitler did to his people. North Carolina claims that it did it to help the victims so they don’t get victimized by someone else. But, all they wanted was social control over people. They chose to sterilize them to gain money, power and control. It’s despicable that politicians will threaten human existence to please themselves. I think that North Carolina’s apologizing is a small step forward. These victims have been violated physically, psychologically and emotionally. They had their right to pro-create taken from them

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