Social Aspect Of Going To College

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In the United States of America today there seems to be this expectation that one must go to college or they are considered unsuccessful and looked down upon. There are numerous reasons I believe college is not for everyone. Every person is unique, school may not be there thing, and in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a person going directly into the work force after high school. Also college degrees are becoming worth less and less as more people attend college and end up in careers that have nothing to do with their degree or dropping out which is ultimately wasting their own and the government’s money. A majority of kids chose to go away to college for the “social aspect” so they say, which we know just means partying and drinking. It is not always the best idea to go to college and if that is the choice that people make they should not be …show more content…
Many of those who don’t drop out actually complete their degree, but go on to get a job that is not relevant to that degree that they spent an abundance of time and money on. Not just are these students wasting their money but their parents and any government funding they may have received. Many people only have one thing in mind when they are choosing a college and that is the social aspect. Young adults see college as an opportunity to move out of mom and dad’s house, meet new people, and party all the time, but going away to college can also cause emotional stress on families. However college should be where you go to gain an education to better your future. Due to this reason I believe the people who chose to go straight into the work force are much better off because they immediately start a career in which they can make money instead of spending four years partying and racking up student loans in which you will spend countless years paying

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