Essay on Social Aging : A Disengagement Theory

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Social aging is a disengagement theory, which is the process of individuals withdrawing and isolating from prior social interactions due to age. The activity theory, which is when the need to remain involved continues into older life, but the meaning and focus changes. Also, population ageing is a phenomenon that occurs when the median age of a country or region rises due to rising life expectancy and/or declining birth rates. Our elders face so many social issues that they have to deal with on a daily basis and the one I will be informing you on intimacy and older adults. There is always a longing to be with someone or always have someone to be close to an intimate with, but as you get older if makes you wonder how this will still progress. The older we get we will all want to continue to have the exciting sex life like we have always had and don’t want anything especially age to stop that. We still want our sex to still be satisfying. Unfortunately, the aging process will change this and it won’t be how it may have been when one is younger.
Today, broad assumptions about aging, including intimacy and sexuality in later life, are being challenged. Based on both anecdotal reports and formal study, it is increasingly clear that the desire for closeness and sexual contact can endure for a lifetime. Existing research on sexual activity of older adults suffers from inadequate descriptions of the population, particularly across cultures/ethnic groups and with regard to education…

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