Soccer Reflection Paper

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It started with a group of guys that I had played with before and a dream. These guys were not just teammates but they were my friends. The majority of us had a good understanding of the game of soccer and were driven by the passion for it. We were a young and talented team, but the real question was, did we have the heart? Throughout the season we were inconsistent and let events outside of the field effect our game inside the field. In many cases we underestimated teams and ended up losing to them too. However, we managed to leave these events behind and began to work on our future to become a better team. Although we had a rough start to the season, we knew we had a chance if we could get a good start in the playoffs. The decision …show more content…
Throughout the game I was having a hard time playing my game due to the fact the defenders were beating me up with their tackles and such. As much as I tried I couldn 't create any chances because the opponents were playing their game and also the time began to influence the game. The final minutes got closer and yet there still wasn 't much action from neither side. Finally, the whistle was blown which meant that we would go into extra-time then penalties if the score remained equalized. I don 't how but we managed to continue playing despite being exhausted and worn off. It was as if our passion was motivating us and kept us fighting through the game. The play that I had been working for all game finally worked and I was left with a 1 on 1 against the goalie. Many things went through my mind at that time, it was like the whole season wrapped up into a few seconds before me. I hit that ball with the few energy I had inside me and what looked to be the game winning goal, came out to be a few inches over the …show more content…
We had a good number of fans which inspired us to play our best. It wasn 't until the first ball that was played into that I noticed I wasn 't going to be able to do this. At that moment my heart sank because I knew I was missing out on the most important game of the season. However, I needed to do what was best for the team which was to sub myself out because I wouldn 't be able to play to my best ability. The game went on and was so frustrating knowing I couldn 't do anything about it. Right before halftime we received a goal against which brought down the team morale. I did my best to motivate them but it was a very difficult game. The game went on and we got scored on again. What seemed to be the end of the game turned out to be our time. With few minutes left Ulysses was able to score, which brought faith to the team. Following that action we had a goal scoring opportunity at the last seconds of the game which was blocked on the

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