Soccer Is The Most Popular Sport Essay

1100 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
1. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and understandably so. Firstly, soccer is the sport played most consistently throughout the world. Rather than being the dominant sport of one country, such as American Football, soccer is truly a popular sport worldwide. Next, soccer has simple rules that are easy to understand and to practice. Not much equipment is required other than a ball and an area designated as a goal. For this reason, it is not a sport that is reserved for a certain class of people, but rather it can be played by all types of people in the world. Finally, soccer doesn’t have many physical limitations, such as sports like basketball and football. Speed and agility matter much more than size, which once again allows a larger variety of people to succeed in the sport. Also, it is simply a beautiful sport to watch. This is why World Cup soccer is the most watched international sporting event in the world.

2. Football thrives as a spectator sport both domestically and internationally because it is an action packed sport that is typically only played once a week by teams, and contains one of the most popular and widely viewed events in the world, the Super Bowl. Further, attending football games is a full experience, with traditional tailgating taking place before most games. Also, fantasy football has created an even larger experience for football fans. Football has not expanded as a participant sport because it is a dangerous sport with lots of…

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