Soccer Is The Best Sport Essay

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“Why Soccer Is The Best Sport” Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Especially in third world countries, soccer is played often for a few reasons: fun, requires little equipment, and easy to understand. In my opinion, soccer is the best sport in the world. I believe this because, along with the reasons above, soccer teaches great life lessons and players get a lot of exercise. Soccer is a great sport; the games are especially fun. Soccer is a great way to make friends and have fun. The competitiveness of the sport also attracts people to it. Soccer can lead to injury, although not as often as many other sport. This is because many of the things that lead to injury are to allowed. Soccer is also fun because it is a team sport. This means that more often than not, it takes a whole team to win, not just one individual. Everyone makes a contribution even if they don’t receive the ball. It is also nice being on teams outside of school because you are able to meet new people. I have found that because my teammates do not see eachother everyday at school there is not as much drama. The players, the coach-even the parents- have fun. Soccer is especially popular in third world countries because it requires little equipment. To play soccer, all a player needs is a ball and anything that can make a goal. A goal can be as simple as two rocks spaced far enough apart for the ball to go through. Although shoes help, they are not required when playing for fun. Soccer leagues…

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