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Sociology 100 | Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology | By: Kenneth Hinchey |

Professor Hartnett

The article I have chosen is titled “Race, Ethnicity, and Law Enforcement. This article explores the relationship between race, criminality and law enforcement and highlights some of the issues surrounding the intersection of race and criminal behavior. After reading this article I found a few things interesting, such as when the author writes about class subordination, which was identified by W.J. Wilson (1978). He explains how in the second half of the twentieth century, civil rights leaders made great strides to achieve equal rights for people of all racial groups. While this goal may have
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I’m not sure where this study was taken or under what content but I found this result to be almost comical. This article really relates to the deviance chapter(chapter 9) in our text books particularly pages 232-234. In the text book it states that there are several reasons for the disproportionate number of arrests among African Americans. First, race in the United States closely relates to social standing which affects the likelihood of engaging street crimes. Second, black and white family patterns differ, meaning more single parents are associated outside of white race which statistics show with less supervision come a greater risk of living in poverty and then crime. The article and text book cover a sensitive subject that has been going on for a very long time. Now a days with multiple media outlets and social networks this matter subject can really ignite a society. For example, recently with the Zimmerman case where Mr. Zimmerman a neighborhood watch volunteer followed a suspicious young man walking home, then an altercation of some sorts occurred and Zimmerman then shot and killed which turned out to be an unarmed 17 year old by the name of Trayvon Martin. At first Zimmerman was found to do nothing wrong at all but with so many people following the case through media and social networking the society as a whole pressured the police to finally arrest Mr. Zimmerman with

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