So, What Do You Think, Cary? Essay

1339 Words Dec 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
“So, what do you think, Cary?” “About what?” “About, Phillip,” Krista said despondently. “What do you think about what is going on with our son?” “I don’t know, he’s just going through a phase, I guess. He’ll get over it. He just needs time.” “This is not a phase, Cary,” Krista countered gruffly. “Something has happened to him. He’s changed Something did happen to him when he had gotten sick, I just know it. He’s different now, he’s…” “He’s a kid, who’s going through a rough patch,” said Cary. “Growing up can be tougher on some kids more than others. Added to that the fact that Phillip is the first person in our community to become physically ill in more than twenty years, and you’ve got a recipe for some real emotional problems. He’s probably just scared, confused, over what had happened to him. He doesn’t understand the experience he went through. I guess none of us do. But, he’ll get over it in time. You’ll see, Phillip will be just fine.” “I hope you’re right,” responded Krista. “It’s just… I’m so worried about him. I can’t imagine what he’s going through at school over all of this. What the other kids must be saying about him. I only wish someone, the volunteers, or anyone at all would do something to make the other children understand that what happened to Phillip was not his fault.” “Well, God willing… I know between his grace and the volunteers, everything will work out fine,” said Cary with a wayward half-smile. “Now, why don’t we just go to bed, and I’m…

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