Essay on Smoking Cigarettes And Its Consequences

1682 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 7 Pages
Brandon Ferrell
English 102
5 October 2015
Smoking Cigarettes and Its Consequences Cigarettes have been in existence for thousands of years and depending on the state which a person resides in, it can have many negative consequences. Tobacco, in general, throughout the world is earliest available at the age of eighteen years old. Tobacco is closely related to cigarettes by being one of the main components along with nicotine. Cigarettes is an extremely profitable business and brings in billions of dollars of revenue and profits. Cigarettes can have effects ranging from simple irritability to lung cancer and heart disease and these effects have a huge impact on the body of the user. In today’s society, smoking has a huge negative impact on social and environmental norms. For the past couple of decades, smoking has been seen in cigarettes, the most common form of tobacco, but most of all in the most addictive compound nicotine. The negative effects don’t only effect the smoker but also the second-hand smokers and the environment around them. Cigarettes are extremely harmful to a person’s health and physical well-being. One cigarette contains over 7,000 chemicals and some of these chemicals contain carcinogens. Many of these carcinogens are extremely poisonous and are very harmful to a person’s health. Some of the more commonly known carcinogens are arsenic, acetaldehyde, chromium, cadmium, nickel, and formaldehyde (a chemical used in the process of embalming). A…

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