The Consequences Of Cigarette Smoking

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There are a lot of people out there that smoke cigarettes. Whether it is daily or just once in awhile. Then there 's a group of people that don 't know that smoking cigarettes can cause to the human body. Cigarette smoking is such a common thing to see all around us. We see it in adults, teens, and even young kids. Throughout my High School career, I have seen that we have all encountered the option to smoke, whether it 's at parties or even our households. It is all around us. What a lot of those smokers don 't realize is the effect that it is causing to their bodies. The reason why I choose this topic is because I see that there are a lot of smokers that don 't know what they are smoking. Yes, they know its tobacco, but they don 't know …show more content…
Cigarette smoking is the cause of around 480,000 deaths annually. The smoker never knows whether he or she is the next victim of a death for smoking cigarette, you just never know if you 're the chosen one. With more than 4,000 chemicals known to be found in a cigarette around 49 of those chemicals are cancer causing substances. There is no way of knowing what part of the body the smoke will affect.
“Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, Some of those harmful effects are immediate.” (18 ways smoking affects your
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This isn 't an ordinary cigarette, also known as a “Vape”. These electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, it is just “vapor” that they are smoking. A lot of people may wonder, Is this a safer way to smoke?
“ E- cigs don 't contain tobacco.. it isn 't just the tobacco in a cigarette that causes cancer… contains a laundry list of chemicals that are proven harmful and e-cigs have some of these same chemicals” (
“E-cigs itself is not healthy nor is it unhealthy… no second hand smoke and not a lot of the 4,000+ chemicals you find in tobacco… This does not exclude nicotine.” (
Now that we know that nicotine is not excluded from these electronic cigarettes , the user can still become addicted to it. Just because there is no tobacco that is used , it doesn 't mean that there are no other chemicals that can be found inside of these

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