Tobacco Informative Speech

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Introduction: There is nothing-quite tobacco: it’s the passion of decent folk, and whoever lives with tobacco doesn’t deserve to live. By, Moliere. Every day, approximately 3,450 teens in the U.S. try their first cigarette. About 25% will become daily smokers. I picked this topic, because my older sister and brother chew tobacco and I want to know what it does to them.

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Why are kids trying their first cigarette? Kids can get asthma from smoking cigarettes. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the airway and lungs. When you get asthma you will have very bad chest pain, their will also be sharp chest pain. Their also can swollen thee airway and it will make it hard to breath. Asthma is a very bad disease that can kill you, it has
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When they go through a pack a day they wont stop smoking cigarettes because they have smoke a lot in one day. When they smoke 11 or 12 cigarettes they go through a pinch of tobacco a day. When you smoke it is bad for you can get a disease from smoking cigarettes. You also can get chemicals in your body that can kill you blood cells and brain cells.
When they gone through a pack a day they smoke, over 4,000 chemicals in side a cigarette. Those chemicals are hydrogen, carbon monoxide and nicotine. These three chemicals are very bad for your body. Nicotine can get you into smoking or chewing. Hydrogen is a chemical that is good for you it is in your body already. Carbon monoxide is a chemical that is gas and like air but thinner than air.
The Chemicals that is in the cigarette is tar, formaldehyde, and ammonia. Theses chemicals can kill you. Tar can damage your lungs when you are a smoker. Formaldehyde is a flammable gas or liquid it is a suffocating chemical that can stop you from breathing. Ammonia can dissolve in water and it is a gas, and a colorless liquid under
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People with metal health conditions they get depressed, because they need to smoke or chew tobacco. People whom smoke or chew they get depressed and anxiety when they smoke. Mental Health is a problem for people they always for get what they say. Anxiety is when you get worried or nervous when your child is smoking or chewing tobacco.

People who smoke they get vision loss and blindness. Smoking is bad for your eyes and your body. This is an eye disease that can affect your vision, like you are looking at a straight ling but it has a curved. When people smoke their eye vision get blurry over time. If you are a smoker you can quiet smoking and your vision might get better by the time you stop smoking. Your blood pressure might go back to normal too. When you eat vegetables your vision could get better because the vegetables have high nutrients and fiber. Body 5
How does HIVS affect you from smoking? People with HIV can a very bad health problem. When you are a smoker you can develop bad heart disease and other cancers. You can get smoking relations to HIVs like infections and other stuff. HIV is a Human immunodeficiency virus that is cause by other humans. If you have HIV you got to quite smoking so you are most likely to stop this

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