Smartphones And Apps Hijack Our Innate Psychological Biases And Vulnerabilities

1169 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Nowadays, almost everyone has access to a smartphone. It is said that smartphones can be addictive. Tristan Harris article, “The Slot Machine in Your Pocket” states that it is getting really bad to the point where they take advantage of human weaknesses to ensure your constant attention. Harris says that, “When we get sucked into our smartphones or distracted, we think it 's just an accident and our responsibility. But it 's not. It 's also because smartphones and apps hijack our innate psychological biases and vulnerabilities” (Harris, 2016). When people look at their smart phones, they look at it for multiple reasons, but the most common reason is to see if you have gotten a notification. I agree with Harris because many people who do online gaming and gambling tend to be a leading factor for smartphone addiction and it damages their personal life. Whenever something like online gaming and gambling addiction get into the picture of one’s life, the outcome can only be horrible.
Smartphone addiction can be damaging to the user’s health because they can be attached to their screen for hours which causes them to lack exercise. In an article by Jayne Leonard called, “Damaging Side Effects of Your Smartphone Addiction”, she states that, “Nearly two thirds of American adults now have smartphones” (Leonard, 2015). This is causing some issues because now, “Three out of five (58%) U.S. smartphone users cannot go more than sixty minutes without checking their phones” (Leonard, 2015).…

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