Smartphone Users Should Self Discipline And Self Educate Essay

1959 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
It has been about two decades since the world`s first smartphone was introduced to the general public. Since then the smartphone has been a part of life among most people in the world. Online statistics show that more than one billion smartphones have been sold and are being currently used by people across the globe which may even be more in number due to un-registered number of smartphones sold in the black market. Smartphone operating platforms have innumerable number of applications which help people in their day to day lives, and people have become dependent knowingly or unknowingly to smartphones. People depend on smartphones too much so it has become an addiction which could be harmful to many aspects of life. Smartphone users should self-discipline and self-educate themselves on the proper usage of smartphones and be well informed about the harmful aspects of life both physical and psychologically.

Smartphones have rapidly developed during the last decade and newer models with newer features are introduced to the global market rapidly. There are many giant smartphone manufacturing companies in the world and that there is so much of competition to attract new users. We see these companies spending so much of money on advertising all over the world. These advertising techniques and campaigns capture the consumer’s interest and need even though smartphones are very expensive.

Smartphones have become so addictive that from the time people wake-up until they go to sleep,…

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