Essay on Smart Phones Play A Vital Role Today 's Economy

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Smart phones play a vital role in today’s economy as it has emerged as a major business. Most of the people prefer smart phones as it provides a wide range of features and facilities to its users.
Because of its usefulness and the money involved in the business, it is subject to fraud. Moreover, nowadays an increased number of fraudulent works are in existence. One such fraudulent activity is the caller identification spoofing attack. Unfortunately, the security standards are not strong enough to detect and prevent such fake calls. They become dangerous conduits for Internet security threats to reach the telecommunication infrastructure. This paper aims at detecting the spoofed phone calls and preventing such calls. This scheme is implemented as an application for android based phones and is validated for the effectiveness of the solution in detecting spoofing attacks in various scenarios. Keywords – Caller identification, Detection mechanism, Fake calls, Smart phone spoofing attack. Introduction
Caller identification is a service provided by telecommunication agencies to transmit the phone number to the recipient before answering calls.
Today, most people trust the caller identification information. However, with the proliferation of smart phones it is easy to spoof caller identification by installing corresponding apps on smart phones or by using fake caller identification providers.
Unfortunately, the existing caller identification protocols do not provide real…

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