Smart Phone Addiction Is A Bad Thing? Essay

1120 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Jesse Brown’s (2012) article “Who says smart phone addiction is a bad thing? The case for constant connectivity” published on the Toronto Life website. Brown argues that smart phone addiction does not have to cause a negative effect to people’s lives rather it can provide a positive effect. His argument provided historical, facts, statistics and anecdotal evidence to back up his reasons. However, I agree with his position that smart phone displays a positive effect, but I disagree that smartphone addiction can be a problem.
In Brown’s article, he argues that smart phone addiction does not have to cause a negative effect. There are surveys conducted asking Americans and employed smart phone users to determine the places where they most use their phone and how people felt when they misplaced their phone. He then argues, the advantages and disadvantages of how we feel about our smart phones, it can be helpful but also distracting. He furthers on argues, we can live without our phone, but it would be unnecessary to not have it because we would feel bored, less productive, and less capable. Brown also argues that people view smart phone as ways that have disconnect us from realities and that we are addicted to the virtual realities from our smart phone. In addition, he argues that we may have a hard time refraining ourselves from using our smart phone. So, he suggested some solutions that can help us decrease the addiction from our smart phone. Brown concluded that if we do not…

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