Health Assignment Analysis

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Health Assignment (Part B) According to Eric Garner, the SMART goals are ‘managerial goals’ (2012). They are ‘the application of a step-by-step thought-and-action process’ (Garner, 2012). At the beginning of this semester, I set SMART goals for each of five dimensions of health. In the following paragraphs, I will review my SMART goals, briefly explain my progress toward those goals, and introduce my new goals. Make vegetable sandwiches for lunch every day was my SMART goal for improving my physical health. I was unable to reach this goal as I planned. After the strike, I got more school work than I thought. This SMART goal soon became unrealistic: I didn’t go shop on time, I avoided to spend a lot time to shop, I had no time to make sandwiches, or I just felt too tired after my day ended. I changed this goal to a new SMART goal: make vegetable sandwiches for dinner on weekends. Usually I have more time on weekends, and I go shopping on weekends. ‘I need vegetable tonight’ keep reminding me to get what I need. I planned to improve my emotional health by going sleep at least half hour earlier every night. It was attainable and realistic, but I was unable to reach this goal. It was the …show more content…
As mentioned earlier, I got more school work after the strike. I found out I need at least two days to finish reading or review one chapter course materials. I also need time to complete my assignments. Unsurprisingly, this goal became unattainable and unrealistic. I set a new SMART goal for my cognitive dimension of health: finish reading one chapter course materials on weekends, and finish the review on following weekdays. I will try to finish my assignments ahead, so I will have more time for reading or reviewing. Also, I will review with my study group members, which will save me time to search for correct

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