Small Change, By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

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Social activism consists of efforts to promote change, which influences the actions of individuals and groups. It builds connections among people and focuses on issues such as promoting awareness and social change. People who have experienced inequality and prejudice are seeking for hope through social activism. In “Small Change,” Malcolm Gladwell argues that modern social networking technology does not play a role in revolutionary movements because it forms weak bonds between individuals and does not have a hierarchical structure. He discusses the idea that people were able to conduct protests without the help of social media resources spreading the word. Social media serves as communication channels, but not powerful structures that can provide strategies and create a common ground between people of different cultural backgrounds. Steve Olson, author of “The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples,” points out Hawaii’s high rates of interracial marriages by arguing that race is fluid, not rigid and that the mixing of race is a requirement for the human race to move forward. He questions whether people of various racial and cultural backgrounds are rooted in biology or not. Gladwell and Olson both discuss the ethnic conflicts portrayed by the existence of social issues through activism and interracial marriages. People need to understand and respect different cultural backgrounds in order to overcome conflicts of racial differences and to propagate peace. This is…

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