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Mid term 1. What are the benefits of owning a small business??
Surveys show that owners of small businesses believe they work harder, earn more money, and are happier than if they worked for a large company. Before launching any business venture, every potential entrepreneur should consider the benefits of owning a small business. * Opportunity to gain control over your own destiny:
Entrepreneurs cite controlling their own destinies as one of the benefits of owning their own businesses. Owning a business provides entrepreneurs the independence and the opportunity to achieve what is important to them. Entrepreneurs want to “call the shots” in their lives, and they use their businesses to bring this desire to life. A study by the
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* Opportunity to do what you enjoy doing:
A common sentiment among small business owners is that their work really isn’t work. In fact, a survey conducted by the national federation of independent businesses reports that 46 percent of business owners say they will never fully retire from their businesses! Most successful entrepreneurs choose to enter their particular business fields because they have an interest in them and enjoy those lines of work. They have made their avocations (hobbies) their vocations (work) and are glad they did! These entrepreneurs are living the advice Harvey McKay offers: “find a job doing what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. 2. What is the cultural diversity of entrepreneurs?
As we have seen, virtually anyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial sector consists of a rich blend of people of all races, ages, backgrounds, and cultures. It is this cultural diversity that is one of entrepreneurship’s greatest strengths. We turn our attention to those who make up this diverse fabric we call entrepreneurship. * Young entrepreneurs
Young people are setting the pace in entrepreneurship. Disenchanted with their prospects in corporate America and willing to take a chance to control their own destinies, scores of young people are

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