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HRM case study
Beachside Hotel Human Capital Dilemma
1. What system should Brian implement in order to start changing the human capital practices in the Beachside Hotel?
After studying the case, the general manager of Beachside Hotel Mr. Brian should implement certain systems in the hotel. As the situation is quite complicated, first of all he have to try to analyze what the problem is. Because there is no problem with the account and finance department. According to my case analysis there is problem with the human resource department. And I think there is mistake done by the Hotel. Ms. Mary who cannot even handle serving guests at the front desk is promoted to human resource department. And she has been working there since
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So, that they can perform well. And, other programs should also have to be implemented for providing new information and knowledge and to boost up their confidence in their performance.
If employees get opportunities to develop themselves with securities and facilities, I guess they would not like to leave their job. And if the hourly employees are provided with financial help or fund for their education and further career development opportunities then they would certainly like to stay in their job. So, with these types of programs the efficiency of the organization increases with qualitative work. And these types of programs will certainly help the Beachside hotel with turnover and occupancy rates.
4. What other human resource initiatives could be undertaken by either the Sunrise hotel or Beachside hotel in order to help with the overall performance of their respective organization? The Sunrise Hotel is in its better position as its scale is 9 out of 10. The Sunrise Hotel’s general manager or staffs can co-operate and provide the performance strategy for the development of Beachside hotel. Mr. Brian can seek for the strategic ideas and plan for fixing the hotel. So, that it would have better customer satisfaction rating and more return guests.
And for overall performance of their respective organization they should have the following initiatives: * Their main goal should be customer

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