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In accessing the Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC) website, I found it very hard to find a clear and concise reason as to why small businesses were treated differently than the larger businesses and why the law would differentiate between them. These smaller organizations are sometimes treated differently by the EEOC because they lack the resources that most large companies possess. Most small businesses can't afford to hire the best qualified people that larger businesses can and do. They may not be able to hire people that fit into the different classes (EEOC, 2008). For example, they may want to hire someone with a disabili ty but really can 't afford to because they would have to make
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Each of these laws plays a big part in a successful small business. A small business policies and practices, no matter the size, must meet the laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), especially in regard to hiring practices, discrimination, and workplace fairness. Small Business 5


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