Persuasive Essay On Fast Food Menus

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Slow Suicide With more than 40,000 fast foods across the U.S tens of thousands of individuals eat fast food every day. The more customers they have, the faster food chains are expanding. Subsequently, the quantity dumped the quality. The fast food restaurant menus don’t have much healthier choices and their product are highly questionable. People should stop eating at fast food restaurants because their products cause serious health issues, they have poor customer service, and they take away family dinner bonding.
First, the fast food products have a great deal of carcinogenic chemicals. Fast food companies have a hefty number of clienteles, and their motto is to sell more food faster. In order to provide such a large amount of individual
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Not only it connects the family members together, it also teaches them life lessons like: sharing tasks, cooking skills, and help them cultivate the importance of eating healthy. Fast foods started to break that culture. Families bond together while eating together. Now, with fast food every person just goes and grab a meal and go back minding their own business, and they might spend weeks just saying “hi” and “bye” to each other(Fishel). Furthermore, certain families used to teach their kids how to cook and pass down family recipes and such activity amplified the kid’s cognitive capabilities and provided entertainment for their entire lifetime. Though, this tradition is dying. Sadly, parents are passing less and less time with their kids. They are not learning culinary skills because of fast food industries. With that being said, kids don’t grow healthy and doesn’t know the importance of being healthy and according to what was previously discussed, they are just exposing themselves to very dangerous diseases at a very early …show more content…
People should save themselves and stop eating them. The population will be healthier, and they will spend less money in hospitals and Medicare. Furthermore, there will be rivalry among sellers that offer healthy foods; consequently, healthy products will become cheaper. People will save more. They will be healthier, wealthier, and spend more time with their family.

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