Cause Of Obesity Research Paper

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Obesity continues to become a problem in the world, and especially in United States. But did you know what factors cause obesity to occur and effect our health? Obesity is the condition of being very fat or overweight. Furthermore, it can cause many health problems, such as diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and cancer. It is an issue that must be settled in our current society. The main factors that increases the risk of obesity occurs are junk food intake, environment and an inactive lifestyle. In many places all over the world now, there are people that like to go out to eat fast food frequently, especially in United States. But why is junk food considered to be unhealthy? Junk food is considered foods with excess amount of …show more content…
Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald 's, KFC, and Wendy’s, serve pre-cooked, frozen foods, and usually deep in hot oil for cooking. Those fast foods have a high content of calories and fat that can cause obesity. Because people feel satisfied and think eating fast food is much easier, than consuming healthier foods. Therefore, along with the improvement such as drive-in restaurants, led to the rise of obesity. Also, fast foods cause less people to cook healthy and organic foods at home. Due to the price of junk food being often cheaper than healthy foods, people usually attempt to purchase junk foods instead of healthy foods and organic foods. As mentioned before, healthy foods and organic foods are much more expensive than fast foods, as result people are arguing, also many people did not think that eating fast foods have an effect on their weight or …show more content…
Obesity is caused by a number of different factors. The main factors are junk food intake, environment, and an inactive lifestyle. Also, obesity can cause many diseases and significant negative effects on the human body. Some chronic diseases like cancer and heart attack are increasing the rate of death. Additionally, diabetes is the most common disease in the United States is caused by obesity. In order to avoid obesity problem, people have to face the problem of obesity seriously. Try to eat healthy and keep an active lifestyle in daily

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