How Does Sleep Affect The Human Body?

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Sleep has been a daily task for everyone that has come into the world. Sleep is idolized into our society, and will forever be. Many people talk about the importance of sleep, and the effects it can have on you when you don’t get enough. They would continue to tell you that the problems you would have if you don’t get the correct amount of sleep. Many people know that that is true, but do they know just some of the major sleep disorders that can affect a few to 3 million citizens of the United States (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, 2016).
Sleep is a must, many people don’t quite understand it, how it alters the human brain alone. It is a part of the human body, and helps it in more ways than you can imagine. Sleep helps your brain
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Sleep helps with healing and repairing your heart, and blood vessels. This aids the reduced risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke (American Psychological Association, 2016). All of these are the underlying causes of obesity. With sleep deprivation, it’s harder for your body to maintain the correct amount of hormones that control hunger. It also affects the way that your body will intake sugar, causing your body most likely store it, and become overweight. Growth and development of the body rely on sleep to help with control of the hormones that promote natural growth. The immune system depends on sleep to stay healthy, and can do their job, while you are sleeping, the time when the body is vulnerable. Daytime performance is an important function of the human body. Without sleep, our productivity levels would drop drastically, and be basically non-existent for work, and schooling (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, …show more content…
The condition is very common, and affects more than three million US citizens per year. This disorder frequently affects children more than adults, however, as they get older, the child usually grows out of it. The symptoms of Sleepwalking subsist the inability to recall the episode after awakening, excessive daytime sleepiness, falling, and fatigue. Some people have climbed out of their windows. Though, this can’t be cured there are medications to help with Sleepwalking, there is also hypnosis, improving sleep habits, relaxation techniques, and anticipatory awakenings (Mayo Clinic Staff,

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