Sleep Health Among Adolescents, By Shelley D Hershner And Ronald D

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Sleeping is one of the best and most important things that we as humans do. Sleep is important in regulating many bodily functions. When we sleep, we give the body the opportunity to repair itself and regain what it has lost or what got damaged during the day. While asleep the body goes through a lot of thing: muscle growth, tissue repair, release of growth hormone, and protein synthesis. If sleep is so important then what is it that most people, specifically young adults, get so little of it? According to Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School only about 10 percent of college students get adequate sleep. Sleep health among adolescents is a huge public concern and rightly so. Lack of sleep leads to numerous health complication such as an increase in mood swings which can increase the likelihood of depression. Lack of sleep can also affect the ones in the same environments as the individual who is deprived of sleep. The authors of “Causes and consequences of sleepiness among college students”, Shelley D Hershner and Ronald D Chervin, discovered that sixteen percent of about a thousand undergraduate college students have reported falling asleep while driving. These students are endangering the rest of the population by falling asleep. This issue needs to be addressed, so what type of interventions are being used? The Healthy People 2020 has 4 objectives for sleep health, but only 3 of them are applicable to my chosen topic. The first objective was to decrease…

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