Sleep Disorders And Mental Health

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Sleep is essential to practically all living creatures. It is highly important to humans because without sleep they can not function properly. Sleep can affect humans in all sorts of ways while doing different activities. Such as driving, working, or day to day things. Sleep can affect our everyday lives and there are various factors that can cause sleep disorders, sleep deprivation and health problems. As well as medical problems that can cause sleep problems. Humans need sleep to survive, it can affect us physically, mentally, and will affect us differently with little to no sleep as well as with different types of sleep.
Sleep affects humans mentally as well as physically. It can affect them mentally with sleep disorders and mental health disorders, such as insomnia. Not getting enough sleep can also affect your physical health. According to the article “Contemporary Sleep Medicine for Patients”, "Defined by symptoms of difficulties falling asleep, difficulties maintaining sleep and early morning awakenings was reported to be present in about one-third of the general population…" (Iochimescu, 7). Insomnia is the most common sleep problem that affects
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They are tired, more irritable, and less focused. According to the article “Contemporary Sleep Medicine for Patients”, "Sleep is defined as a reversible state of decreased responsiveness to the environment" (Iochimescu, 3). There is also such thing as getting too much sleep. This happens when a person sleeps for a long period of time and wake up still tired. Both not sleeping and sleeping too much can affect a human’s health. It is important to know how well an individual is sleeping. There are plenty of steps to getting better sleep. The individual needs to make sure they are constant with the changes. Some changes are going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, avoiding naps, and creating a bedtime routine (Kiplinger,

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