Overloaded And Underprepared Analysis

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The Struggles of Teens Frank Bruni stated, “There are several passages in the new book ‘Overloaded and Underprepared’ that fill me with sadness for American high school students, the most driven of whom are forever in search of a competitive edge. Some use stimulants like Adderall. Some cheat.” In the editorial, Frank has expressed teens are stressed out and are only getting the fraction of rest they really need. He believes at some point in a teenagers life enough is enough and at one point you are going to have to stop and take a breather. Frank also believes sleep deprivation is part of a teenagers stress. It was said about 55% of teenagers from ages of 13-17 were getting less than seven hours of sleep a night. Frank states technology is an issue keeping kids connected when it is time for bed, but he believes the real problem is panic. Panic sends children trying to keep up with high-achieving students. Also, Bruni finds a matter in letting kids find genuine passions and freedom to bounce back and let them learn from their mistake and to breathe.
Above all, Frank Bruni effectively conveyed his
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Sleep deprivation is insane, is sleep deprivation not having enough sleep. The effects could could lead to daytime sleepiness and clumsiness; could affect the brain. Many star students are unable to cope with sleep deprivation and have setbacks. Unfortunately, failing grades is a consequence of sleep deprivation. Aside from getting less sleep, teens are mental and physical health are endangered. How could teens pay attention in class if they are not getting enough sleep? A factor that plays into sleep deprivation is hours of homework. Some teens have extracurricular activities and work; after coming home they have to find time to do homework. It could take hours to do homework especially if one has homework in every class. This leads to the student staying up to finish and leads to endangerment of their mental

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