Sleep Deprivation Essay

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In my years of learning I truly believe one of the most important aspects of life, oddly enough is easily compromised. This crucial part of our life is sleep and has a great influence on how we function as humans and how we stay healthy. Sleep is effortlessly thrown away due to other life experiences such as late night movies, homework, social media, staying up all night and many more. This begins to result in sleep deprivation, which is simply not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can be perceived as small but there are countless effects of this condition that can and will affect everyday living and cause a chain of effects. It is because of these many impacts on our life that has demanded that sleep should be a bigger concern throughout …show more content…
A person may be irritable, hostile or angry (“Up All Night”). Everyone has seen someone who could have been emotionally affected by sleep loss at some point in their life. Knowing this, sleep deprivation has shown a correlation in mental health. Sleep loss can go much deeper than just a change in mood. Some of the changes that could be altered can go unnoticed until it becomes sever. These server moods are mainly anxiety or depression. There was a study conducted in 2012 specifically on South Korean adolescents because their average amount of sleep a day is 4.9 hours of sleep (“Among Teens”). Following this, researchers have concluded that it has an effect on the high suicide rates in these adolescents (“Among Teens”). It has also become apparent that a high percent of patients with mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD also have reported lack of sleep or sleep deprivation (“Sleep and Mental Health”). These effects on mental health can have a chain of effects and can possibly begin to influence individual’s social life. Mental disorders and having a negative attitude from the loss of sleep can drive close friends and family away. This can be seen especially if they are depressed. After having the loss of close relatives and friends this can have a circular effect and affect depression or any other disorders they may have. The loss of sleep can start a progressive downfall in the quality of someone’s

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