Essay about Sleep Deprivation Causes Reduced Cognitive Function

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Many people in modern society fail to attain the hours of sleep that are recommended by medical professionals. In psychology, we know that sleep is important for people to function to their fullest capability. In fact, a popular news website reported on a recent publication about this issue, that they are calling “a public health epidemic.” (DailyScience,.2014) Now, while we can’t necessarily trust media authority at their words, we can usually trust the publication behind the stories. With that in mind, we should look at the publication, and similar studies.

In this publication, they were doing research around a well-accepted theory that sleep deprivation causes reduced cognitive function. Supplemented by another theory, that memories are not stored entirely, but encoded and decoded as part of cognitive function, they formed a few hypotheses. The researchers hypothesis revolved around sleep deprivation and memory, to be specific, they hypothesized that sleep deprivation would cause increased exposure to memory suggestion, and false information. To put it a bit simply, they guessed that sleep deprivation would cause you to be more likely to remember something due to suggestion from another, and more likely to remember something original, that was never there in the first place, or suggested to you.

They tested these hypotheses with two separate experiments, which we will discuss. Experiment one received data from a large multi-session study from the University of…

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