Essay about Sleep As A Key Essential For Leading A Long Healthy Life

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Do you think that of sleep as a key essential to leading a long healthy life? Getting enough sleep is crucial in order for our body to function well and properly. Eight or more hours of sleep is needed in order for our body to feel replenished and healthy. For many, sleeping is not something that needs to be dwelled over, but for some, it is something like a task that they must convince their brain to do. Insomnia is a disorder that causes an individual problems with sleeping or staying asleep. This disorder produces many negative effects such as: obesity, depression, anxiety, mood swings and concentration problems. As a given, college students are bound to get a fair amount of school work to deal with throughout the school year. With exams and deadlines, stress and anxiety takes over which often leads to sleepless nights due to overthinking. Lack of sleep undermines a student’s ability to focus and do well in classes or in any type of work that requires full attention. College students have very inconsistent sleeping schedules due to different class times or for some work and or volunteer schedule; this sleep inconsistency will add to the strain on the body and would most likely cause sleepless nights. Insomnia harms the body both mentally and physically, diseases of the body and mind would develop hindering a student’s ability to do well with school work or life in general. Sleeplessness could even lead to suicidal thoughts and mental breakdowns due to the overwhelming…

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