Sleeping Disorders Research Paper

While living with people, you tend to observe the differing sleeping patterns and disorders that these people tend to develop over time. Sleep is the periodic, natural loss of consciousness. I chose sleep as a topic for this paper because sleep is mysterious yet renewing state of mind. I would also like to figure out why a majority of my family members suffer from hallucinations, insomnia, and sleep apnea. There are a number of different factors that can cause these problems to continue to happen. Factors like age, sleep deprivation, and simply the way the brain is processing everything.
Insomnia is the problem in falling or staying asleep, and it is persistent. Insomnia is common in my family and it effects almost every generation. One reason
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This rhythm, or pattern, is called REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep). There are three stages of sleep before one reaches REM sleep, which are called NREM-1 sleep, NREM-2 sleep, and NREM-3 sleep. The NREM-1 sleep stage consists of slowed breathing and irregular brainwaves. During this stage, people may experience hallucinations, like the sensation of falling. These sensations might be incorporated into the memory, which leads to more experiences. Sensations like falling, and/or twitching, while sleeping occurs in many of my family members due to the brainwaves carrying out irregular patterns and the increased heart rate. During NREM-2 sleep, the brain tends to calm down and the brain waves relax, and the rapid brainwave activity slows down to a more rhythmic pattern. NREM-3 sleep is described as a deep sleep where the brain activity is …show more content…
Lectures like this would shatter her self-esteem, and she became more insecure. From what this friend would tell me, it seemed as if her mother had an eating disorder and she had passed in onto the daughter. This is possible because genetics influence the vulnerability to eating disorders. My friend was interested in fashion magazines, as she always had one with her. However, this interest did worsen her anorexia because of all the ads and the skinny models that wore her favorite designer. While reading these magazines, she would make remarks about how beautiful the features of the models were and she would become sad because she was not able to have to features. This friend was never able to overcome her disorder, but luckily she has realized that she has a serious condition that needs therapy and

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