Essay on Sleep And Rehabilitation, By Julie Hereford

795 Words Dec 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Sleep is the most essential part of an individual’s life. Sleep can harm your health if you do not get enough of it. New information is best stored when you get enough sleep. It helps people perform tasks better. When you are asleep, energy is well-preserved. People go to sleep because of their health, to retain memories, and to conserve energy. Sleep is valuable to your health. The human body is dependent on how much sleep we get. Sleep deprivation can damage our health. We cannot go a day without sleep. Our brain needs to rest, so we can be healthy. If someone does not get enough sleep, it can cause dangerous health problems. Resting your body is required to regenerate certain areas of the brain. The wastes are removed from the human body while we are asleep. According Julie Hereford, in the book, “Sleep and Rehabilitation”, she states, “Abnormal sleep patterns, or disordered sleep can be an important contributing factor in the development of systematic disease”. If an individual does not get enough sleep, they might develop disease that can cause harm to their body. The lack of sleep is the major factor of individuals developing diseases. In the article, “Why is Sleep Important?”, it states, “Studies also show that sleep deficiency alters activity in some parts of the brain.” The lack of sleep can affect major areas of the brain. It can change the function of areas of the brain. Inadequate sleep will cause the brain to function incorrectly. A lack of sleep can be…

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