Slavery During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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In the nineteenth century, white’s either supported the institution of slavery, or were strongly against it. Abolitionists were the people who who went against slavery and the way of life in the nineteenth century. However, apologist’s were in total support of the institution of slavery and used legal, religious and economic arguments to further their desire for slavery. African slavery began in North America in 1619, from there on slavery became a way of life, and apologist’s did not want their normal and believed necessary way of life to change. Supporters of slavery used legal arguments to keep the slaves, that they say, are their property. Supporters had taken legal terms by bringing up the Dred Scott case. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled against Scott, in the reason that blacks could not be citizens. The Supreme Court stated how the Missouri Compromise was unconstitutional, since Congress was violating citizen’s property rights. The Three-Fifths Compromise delegates that all slaves are to be counted as three-fifths of a white person. This part of the Constitution made slaves much more like property, than it did people. This meant the slaves in the nineteenth century did not deserve the rights that white men obtained, because they were seen and taken for granted as property. Supporters would not let this right they had be taken away from them. Slave codes defended slavery, apologists argued that if slave codes were legalized, then it acknowledged slavery’s…

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