Essay on Skyy Vodka Advertising The Patriarchal Way

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Skyy Vodka Advertising the patriarchal way
An advertisement like the Skyy Vodka ad is eye-catching for many reasons. For starters, it is not just trying to sell alcohol. Although most would just look at this ad as a creative way to sell a product, someone with additional knowledge of the way society views sexuality would realize the patriarchy in the advertisement in addition to how well they sell sex using a male and female in the ad—of course also using a female with beauty nearly beyond words.
The advertisement itself says much about how sexuality is commonly viewed in society and makes almost effortless to tell which audience it is intended to target. In the advertisement, the first thing the audience would notice is a headless man in a (some shade of) blue colored suit standing over a blonde woman wearing a bikini. Once whoever is viewing this advertisement sees the woman, it takes almost no time for one to notice her rather large breasts. She also looks almost surprised by his appearance, as if his presence was unexpected. He is standing with a foot on each side of her and she is lying on the beach (on some sort of board or beach chair) and behind the man is clear blue waters and beautiful clouds. The mystery man holds a bottle of Skyy’s 80 Proof vodka in one hand and two glasses in the other. It is clear that Skyy’s intention was to target the (straight and legal-aged) male audience. It is also intending to make the vodka brand look luxurious. Basically, Skyy wants to…

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