Essay on Skype Case Analysis

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Meredith Currin
October 30, 2012
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Skype Case Analysis

(1) VoIP represents a great opportunity for telecom service providers to develop flexible and responsive offerings. These services can be developed as premium services by fully using the strengths of the Internet or internal intranets. These services can also be developed to use efficiencies that the Internet and intranets offer that traditional networks and network providers do not. However, it is not all too easy. While current and potential telecom service providers can build imaginative offerings and business plans; they must still have keep mind the competitive environment surrounding the VoIP market. Skype’s VoIP industry has a few competitors such as Comcast
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All the major telecommunications carriers are now routing calls through IP backbone networks, and many large companies use IP-based WANs to carry voice traffic between sites. This is proven technology. One factor driving additional interest in VoIP is the emergence of technology that enables true integration of voice and data. Until recently, integration was accomplished by taking a portion of the pipeline -- usually one out of the 24 channels standard on a T1 connection -- and dedicating it exclusively to voice. That ensured voice calls wouldn't experience the delays, jitters and latency that sometimes otherwise occur. But it also tied up a significant amount of bandwidth that could be used to transmit data when no voice traffic is present. New technology allows voice and data to travel over the same pipelines without causing problems for voice traffic. Taking VoIP technology even further, local PBX implementations are bringing IP voice technology right to the end user. Basically, this level of integration treats voice as just another application on the data network -- although an extremely important one. Using tools such as "soft phones" that plug right into the desktop computer, and "hard phones" that link directly into the company's data network, this level of IP telephony brings the newest advances to the edge of the network.
(3) The VoIP industry has successfully kept up with changes in technology and has created clear technical design as far as the industry

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