Skills and Strengths Essay

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates that an overall demand of counselors will grow by 21% through 2016 (U.S. News), my goal is to continue through my education so that by 2016 the degree and credentials will be mine to cherish. I want very much to become a counselor. I feel that there is so much I can bring to the table. Life experiences, significant events and my ability to be unbiased. This career path was not easy for me to have come by. It actually took me a visit with a counselor to finally figure out my calling. I was told by the counselor that saw me that I would make a good therapist. She said that I seemed to be in tuned with myself and knew how to highlight things that were wrong with in me.
I was raised in a
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I don’t know why but I feel I have a strength to allow people to feel comfortable around me because I won’t judge them. I will just listen and provide a piece of advice that comes from the man upstairs, our heavenly father. I’ve heard and read so many self-help books and I’ve just about applied most of them to myself. I find that having those tools does help and I’ve applied these tools to other people. They work…people have walked away from me and said “Thank you, I feel better”. That’s all the gratification I need. If I can make a difference in someone’s life by allowing them to mutter that one sentence, I could die a happy woman. This life has been tough on me and I’m sure it will either get easier or who knows maybe harder. I know that I have the skills and the coping mechanisms to deal with whatever life throws at me. I want to prepare other human beings with the same strengths and the same comfort of knowing that this life is beautiful. I want to apply my abilities and allow others to have the same satisfaction of going about their day knowing that things will get better no matter what the outcome has in store. Due to my upbringing, I feel that my parents prepared me for what I was truly meant to be….a counselor. References

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