Skateboarding Persuasive Essay

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With over 11 million strong followers, skateboarding is the largest extreme sports activity people love to this date. They do it as a pastime and even some do it as a job once they get sponsored. Recently over the past few years, skateboarders are being harassed by officer and are getting the cops called on them for skating the streets. There aren 't many safe haven skate spots so people find spots in various locations around their city and skate the landmarks around them Even though some people think that skateboarding destroys property, skateboarding is a legal activity and even a sport, and should not be treated as a crime.
Created in the 1950s and early 60s, skateboarding has been a pastime for many people for the past decades. Once just
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This also happens with locations of where they skateboard also. When they get kicked out of their favorite local skate spots, they have to result in skating in abandoned areas that are less safe than the spots they were at before. These areas consist of abandoned factories, old ditches, pipelines and for some, old construction …show more content…
Caught on camera, The officer was clearly choking a 13-year-old girl and calling them all “thugs”. The reason for the officer doing this was that the kids were riding their skateboards on the sidewalk and they did not know it was illegal for them to do so. Instead of Officer Williams telling them to not ride on the sidewalk and give them a warning, he results in using excessive force and using it on the youngest one who happened to be a female at

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