Skateboarding Is The Largest Extreme Sports Activity People Love

1252 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
With over 11 million strong followers, skateboarding is the largest extreme sports activity people love to this date. They do it as a pastime and even some do it as a job once they get sponsored. Recently over the past few years, skateboarders are being harassed by officer and are getting the cops called on them for skating the streets. There aren 't many safe haven skate spots so people find spots in various locations around their city and skate the landmarks around them Even though some people think that skateboarding destroys property, skateboarding is a legal activity and even a sport, and should not be treated as a crime.
Created in the 1950s and early 60s, skateboarding has been a pastime for many people for the past decades. Once just a little experiment for surfers in california who were waiting for the waves to become unflat, skateboarding became a worldwide phenomenon as it grew from over the decades. Skateboarding has altered the culture of the youth from the way they dress to the way they act. Many look at skateboarding as a stress reliever and some find skateboarding as a way to leave all their problems behind.
Now for kids being harassed by officers is wrong. Many of the skateboarders this day in age are young children between the ages of 15 years old to as young as 6 years old. For that age group, majority of them skateboard at the skatepark or either at home, and for kids to see that skateboarders are getting harassed for skating in public places scare them…

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